Greek Season 3 Episode 4 – High and Dry

September 22, 2009 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Greek

It’s Dry Weekend at Cyprus Rhodes University, and Casey plans a non-alcohol party night amongst all of the houses but, when she and Evan are partnered together to patrol each of the houses for signs of any prohibited beverages, they each have a brownie at the Psi Phi house unaware of its secret ingredient, causing them to hide out in the ZBZ bathroom until the effects wear off. Meanwhile, Ashleigh frantically tries to find Casey, and Fisher offers to help, making her further question whether or not she should take him back. Also Grant’s high school girlfriend, Whitney surprises Grant andd Calvin by visiting for his birthday. So Calvin enlists Rebecca’s help on a double date as he patiently waits for Grant to tell Whitney the truth about himself. And Rusty learns that he earned a new nickname in the engineering school because of his slipping grades so, he decides to approach the infamous Dr. Larsen to see if he will sponsor Rusty in an experiment and, Cappie joins him for moral support and attempts to flirt w